Effect of virgin coconut oil therapy on Alzheimer’s patient.

Effect of virgin coconut oil therapy on Alzheimer’s patient.

Report prepared by patient’s husband, Dr. B.S.Rawat, retd Principal Scientist (NDRI- ICAR)

Mrs. Sundara Devi Rawat, my wife, is taking 20-25 ml virgin coconut oil daily for treatment and control of her disease, Alzheimer’s dementia, for the last about one year. The results are positive. She was in the middle of the second stage of the disease when VCI was introduced in addition to her usual medicines. Her memory and brain power has revived to some extent in the ensuing areas:

  • Likes to talk with known persons, and can recall few such words that were forgotten,
  • Has regained the sense of understanding what others say gives a smiles of welcome,
  • Has developed her own signs to indicate need to go to toilet,
  • Enjoys taking bath and washes her hair, feet and arms herself,
  • Recognizes her chair, wheel chair and bed, goes to any of these herself,
  • Cooperates in changing clothes, combing hair and putting on socks and foot wear,
  • Eats rice and daal with her own hands,
  • Enjoys soft music,
  • Misses her caregiver and maid when either of them is absent for an hour or so without telling  her,
  • Responds to bidding good-by by departing visitors.

4 thoughts on “Effect of virgin coconut oil therapy on Alzheimer’s patient.

  1. Rupa says:

    The article shows the love and affection mom is getting under your care papa.
    Coconut oil Therapy and papa’s endless caring environment has made mom’s life with Alzheimer’s disease possible to live. The caring environment with a routine allows her to live in the body, where the coconut oil has proven to show some positive changes in her brain. Your care for mom shows the true love of a man for his life-partner, especially in our Indian society where mental illness is mostly not accepted by even loved ones. You are the inspiration for people who come to know you and also are one of the starting points to make changes in the society. I AM PROUD TO BE BORN TO SUCH PARENTS.
    Love you both!
    Rupa Rawat
    ON, Canada

    • Usha Vipin says:

      Rupa, it is very considerate of you . As parents we did our best possible to give you all, the best of every positive and constructive guidance, assistance and foresight, that was possible under different phases of our capacities. Now your mom is struck by such a nasty disease that she does not recognise her own self, it becomes my duty to take care of my life partner when she needs it most. The encouragement that I get from you four and your spouses adds to my strength…. Papa the caregiver.

  2. Rashmi says:

    Uncle, auntie and Rupa, to all of you my heartiest congratulations on the positive news! And thanx to God for giving all of you the strength of deep love and understanding for the disease.

    Regards and luv to you all.

    • Eashan says:

      Thanks Rashmi! Life is all about living it to the fullest no matter what comes on your way and it only becomes possible if one is surrounded by loving and caring people. But, not everyone is lucky. I hope our generation could raise the awareness of Alzheimer’s disease or any other form of mental illness to bring help, support and care to every citizen of India.

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