The oral administration of virgin coconut oil is continuing. She is showing steady but very slow progress.
Area wise it is as follows:
  1. She is more cooperative and understands what is desired of her,
  2. She is now aware about her hygiene, and has developed her on signals for assistance to go to the loo,
  3. She enjoys bathing, and tries to wash her hair and limbs,
  4. She prefers to eat with her own hands and holds spoons, cups but coordination to take them to lips is yet to improve,
  5. She wants only me and the maid, to whom she is every moment of the day, help her change her clothes, does not like  even her daughters and son to be present during the process,
  6. Her digestion is normal and has gained her lost weight,
  7. Many a times she clearly asks short questions like, Who is she/he?, What is happening?, Where are you going?,and enquires What is this?, This is mine, and the like.
Such improvements are encouraging and suggest that VCO therapy, along with regular AD and psych. medication, should continue.
Report given by main caregiver (her husband)
Dr. Balbir Singh Rawat, M.Sc., PhD.

Setting up care centre for Alzheimer’s Disease patients at Dehradun

Dear Readers,

Alzheimer’s disease is a brain damaging dementia of the elderly. It creeps in very slowly and progressively makes the person so disabled that an all time care giver is needed who can guess correctly what the sick needs when and give care with full affection.

It is much misunderstood disease, families think the affected person has become lunatic – PAGAL – and keep it a secret lest the sick person be an obstruction in setting up relationships. Many families do not have enough people having time for the sick, all being busy in jobs schools/colleges etc. So the sick are locked in side, no medical help for the disease is sought.

It is seen to be believed how helpless and fully dependent the disease makes a person. In this respect it is more devastating than Cancer and Aids. While the Governments and Social organisations are doing much for the patients of the two diseases – one very fatal and painful and the other a self-acquired but glamorous disease – very little is being done for the sufferers of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) which destroys the memory as well as self-esteem of a person when she/she reach old age. It is a rough estimate that there are more than 500 active AD patients in the city of Dehradun alone.

It is requested to kindly come forward for the help of these unfortunate senior citizens by establishing a care centre where such patients could be looked after by trained doctors and nurses. Local help by way of volunteers and finances could also be mobilised. Kindly add this project in your immediate future activities.

Since I am an 83yrs.old, full time care giver to my 76 yrs old wife, now in II stage of the disease, for last five years( I do not personally need any financial help), I know how hard it is for those families who are short of man power, of awareness, of skills and of enough money. I am sure your Foundation will definitely come forward to their help.

With great hopes and expectations
Yours Sincerely,

B S Rawat, Dehradun, Mob. no. 9458911505