The oral administration of virgin coconut oil is continuing. She is showing steady but very slow progress.
Area wise it is as follows:
  1. She is more cooperative and understands what is desired of her,
  2. She is now aware about her hygiene, and has developed her on signals for assistance to go to the loo,
  3. She enjoys bathing, and tries to wash her hair and limbs,
  4. She prefers to eat with her own hands and holds spoons, cups but coordination to take them to lips is yet to improve,
  5. She wants only me and the maid, to whom she is every moment of the day, help her change her clothes, does not like  even her daughters and son to be present during the process,
  6. Her digestion is normal and has gained her lost weight,
  7. Many a times she clearly asks short questions like, Who is she/he?, What is happening?, Where are you going?,and enquires What is this?, This is mine, and the like.
Such improvements are encouraging and suggest that VCO therapy, along with regular AD and psych. medication, should continue.
Report given by main caregiver (her husband)
Dr. Balbir Singh Rawat, M.Sc., PhD.

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