Mrs. Sundara Devi Rawat (1935-2012)

Mrs. Sundara Devi Rawat
Dehradun, India
Mom passed away on July 1st in dad’s arms when sister, Usha was feeding her. The most wonderful and proud mother to four children, four children-in-laws and grandmother to six grandchildren, dear sister to eight siblings, and luckiest wife of our father; mom’s legacy of wisdom and strength and her loving and caring heart has always left warmness in people’s hearts. She was everything that one could imagine to be; an amazing and committed person, daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend, auntie and neighbour.  She was affectionate, encouraging, always smiling, funny, sensitive to others, organized and wise.  She was in fortunate care of dad while she was struggling with Alzheimer’s for past 6 years. Now, mom is in good company of her parents and siblings where she is peacefully watching upon her loved ones.
“We know we can’t see you anymore mom, but we know you are always there guarding our lives as our guardian angel.”
Rupa Rawat
July, 02, 2012

3 thoughts on “Mrs. Sundara Devi Rawat (1935-2012)

  1. Akshara says:

    After battling with Alzheimer’s disease for 6 years, my grandmother expired on the 1st of July this year. Coming to think of her now, I feel lucky, like my other siblings, to have been bestowed with her love and affection during my grooming years. I still remember the times when she used to feed me with my favourite chapati,ghee,cheeni all the time in my younger years, the way she used to protect me from my father when I was upto some mischief and most importantly the way she used to smile like a child so innocent. We as humans may be mortal but the memories we create with our loved ones remain forever. And my grandmother will always be there with me through these memories blessing and guiding me.
    May your soul rest in peace, Dadiji.
    We all love you!


  2. arun says:

    My mother passed away on 1st july 2012 after suffering from Alzheimer’s disease for 6 yrs. In spite of best treatment & personal care given by my father, she could not recover .
    My mother was very caring to her 4 children. When we were very young she used to meticulously take care of us. When I used to go out on a two wheeler, she will forcefully make me wear proper woollens,wind cheater & helmet, so that I remain protected. This is one of examples. She had a long list of DO’s & Dont’s for us so that we remain protected & healthy.
    My father took an unbelievable care of her for astonishing 6 yrs on his own,giving her virgin coconut oil religiously for 2 yrs & tailor made diet. This treatment had shown some recovery,but the dreaded disease took its toll.
    My mother’s teachings & caring memories will always guide us & our children.

  3. Anton says:

    On the night of July 1st, 2012, in her late seventies, Mrs. Sundara Devi Rawat, my mother-in-law, died in dehradun, India, she fell to Alzheimer’s Disease which she battled for few years.

    She leaves behind her beloved husband of sixty years, Dr. Balbir Singh Rawat and her four children, Usha Rawat, Arun Rawat, Deepa Lamba, Rupa Rawat, and six grandchildren, and numerous nieces and nephews in India.

    In the summer of 2008, as I went to India to meet Rupa’s family, then I first met mom, at that time she was already diagnosed with AD, perhaps way passed the early stages of the disease. Our meeting was short and sweet, as I only spent 1 week, so we shared few meals, and moments together. Yet in such short time, a lasting impression was created, I remember she been very welcoming, smiling, and embracing. Even with her limited abilities to express, she showed amazing care for her daughter who was about to start a new life with me. AD may break the brain, but it will not stop the ability to care another even in ways that is not easily visible, such is the power of life, that much I learned from our short time together.

    I write this, not to say good-bye but to mention what lies ahead after death. I have learned that death only ends the personality and the physical body returns to ashes to dust. As per the being behind the personality, within the body, she lives on, so know, life continues for mom. But in what form or shape, nobody knows.
    In fact, she is Here within this existence, breathing and fully aware knowing very well whats going on within herself and within this existence. Death is not an end, it is only a beginning.
    I am grateful for the few moments we shared, mom’s smile, her gentleness, her ability to care, show warmth will be missed by all whom have come to know her.

    I conclude this by saying, mom, wherever you’re, live in peace.
    Anton Fernando, July 2, 2012, Ottawa, Canada.

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