Effect of virgin coconut oil therapy on Alzheimer’s patient.

Effect of virgin coconut oil therapy on Alzheimer’s patient.

Report prepared by patient’s husband, Dr. B.S.Rawat, retd Principal Scientist (NDRI- ICAR)

Mrs. Sundara Devi Rawat, my wife, is taking 20-25 ml virgin coconut oil daily for treatment and control of her disease, Alzheimer’s dementia, for the last about one year. The results are positive. She was in the middle of the second stage of the disease when VCI was introduced in addition to her usual medicines. Her memory and brain power has revived to some extent in the ensuing areas:

  • Likes to talk with known persons, and can recall few such words that were forgotten,
  • Has regained the sense of understanding what others say gives a smiles of welcome,
  • Has developed her own signs to indicate need to go to toilet,
  • Enjoys taking bath and washes her hair, feet and arms herself,
  • Recognizes her chair, wheel chair and bed, goes to any of these herself,
  • Cooperates in changing clothes, combing hair and putting on socks and foot wear,
  • Eats rice and daal with her own hands,
  • Enjoys soft music,
  • Misses her caregiver and maid when either of them is absent for an hour or so without telling  her,
  • Responds to bidding good-by by departing visitors.